Screening Company Malaysia

5 Reason Why You Should Hire Screening Company in Malaysia

These is 5 Reason Why You Should Hire Screening Company

Background screening is, in basic terms, the process of collecting information on individuals who are being considered for a specific purpose (employment, tenancy, promotion, dating or marriage) which may be used in determining the applicants’ eligibility for such purpose.

However, it is most commonly practiced by employers during recruitment. It helps the employers to make a clear and true assessment of the candidate regardless of the information shared by the candidate during the interview process or in his/her CV/resume.

Screening Company Malaysia
Screening Company Malaysia

The typical turnaround period of 5-7 working days (for local subjects) and 8-10 working days (for international subjects) will start after the payment is made or a purchase order is issued.
This will also depend on the number of subjects and the area of checks involved.

At the end of the turnaround period, we will issue a Background Screening Report for each subject containing the findings we collected from the background screening exercise.