In 2004, MS Technical Services Sdn. Bhd. started to provide background screening services to ExxonMobil Exploration & Production Malaysia Inc., whose parent company is a leading Fortune 500 Corporation, for their offshore operations in Malaysia. Our company’s long proven track record in supplying manpower in the Oil and Gas industry had given us the edge against our competitors as we had been vetting our potential staff for our clients since our establishment in 1998.

Our client’s trust in the quality of our services was reinforced when we were listed in the List of Companies Vetted by Global Security for Background Checking by ExxonMobil International under their stringent requirements. We are proud to say that we have assisted hundreds of benefited employers in and out of the country in their recruitment processes over the years. They are able to identify the best candidates for their organisations and prevent undue losses from bad hires. In recent years, our service has gained a steady increase in popularity among local agencies, employers and local government. We recognised the emerging potential demand for the services.

Thus in 2019, in order to continue to provide excellent and responsible services to our clients, we formed a new company, MS Screening Services Sdn Bhd (“MS Screening”) that would operate solely for the purpose of providing background screening services. Our technical experiences in the industry allow us to tailor our reports to fulfil the specific requirements of our clients.

Over the years, we have completed thousands of background screening reports in a range of professions, e.g. medical officers, offshore professionals, marine executives, financial executives, oil and gas operators, safety officers, administration, general services, corporate management executives and many more. Our long history of excellent service delivery has allowed us to establish a streamlined working system to ensure prompt execution. 

We strive to be the leading background screening services provider in Malaysia.